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Founded in December 1974, Accelerated Christian Education Canada has become a Trendsetter in Education.

Although it is a globally recognized curriculum, it is not accredited with Canadian Departments of Education. However, our graduates consistently go on to post-secondary education with our A.C.E. transcript.

Canadian Content

Our Canadian content can be found throughout our Math and Social Studies curriculum. In our Math in the earlier grades you will see money and measurement that reflects our country. In Social Studies, we have a little content in Grade 2, 3 and 4, full Grade 5 and full content in Grade 8. We offer a Can. Geography for Grade 7 from a different company. We also offer a half credit of Can. Civics that could fit into Grade 11 or 12.


- Whether the student is a high-achiever, a moderate-paced learner, or a slow learner, the A.C.E. education process proceeds at the exact level determined by the child's ability.

Academic Excellence

- Individualization produces academic excellence. A.C.E. students continue to demonstrate above average achievement.

Character Building

- Godly character training received as part of this learning experience prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities, as well as live a Godly life.

Traditional Values

- Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive living are conveyed throughout the curriculum in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.
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